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In a world brimming with endless distractions and constant demands, business owners face an uphill battle cutting through the noise to effectively connect with their customers.

We can help.

After more than 11 years in the industry, Clarity Web Design Studio (formerly Bright Webs Design) has successfully helped numerous businesses create impactful websites that have increased their online presence, attracted more customers, and driven business growth, all while keeping accessibility at the forefront.

Clients come to us for a lot of different reasons, but the most common include to:

  • Launch a new service or program
  • Boost online visibility and attract more customers 
  • Gain peace of mind with a partner that manages and maintains their website
  • Navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape
  • Ensure website accessibility and strong searchability for all users
Steph Sedgwick sitting at a picnic table in an outdoor gazebo overlooking Lake Pisiquid in Windsor, with an open laptop and a notebook.

Steph Sedgwick, Founder & Web Accessibility Advocate

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Good design is good for everyone. We are making the internet a better place for all its users by empowering female entrepreneurs to have functional, findable websites.

Let us help your website stand out amidst the online noise with a well-designed, clean, and accessible experience that every user can enjoy.

Working with the right partner starts with shared values.


Web accessibility means designing and developing websites, tools, and technologies to be usable by people with disabilities. Accessibility enhances your brand, drives innovation, and broadens your market reach while creating a positive impact.


Trust is the cornerstone of our business, fueled by our commitment to transparency, reliability, and exceptional service. With trust as a core value, we build strong client relationships, nurture growth, and deliver on our promises with integrity.


In today’s world, we all crave authentic connections, which cannot happen without genuine caring: for each other, our actions, and our planet. We strive to be good humans, creating accessible solutions that unite and empower people from all walks of life.


We are committed to being open and honest, delivering recommendations that align with your goals, and fostering long-term success. We won’t try to sell you on anything we don’t genuinely believe will add value to YOU and your business.

No "Bro Marketing" Guarantee

Our unwavering commitment is to support smaller, service-based female founders on their path to success. Our No “Bro-Marketing” Guarantee ensures a marketing approach that champions authenticity, inclusivity, and the unique strengths of women-led businesses.

Steph Sedgwick, Clarity Web Design Studio, leaning against a blue outdoor wall painted with pink flowers.

Our History

Our first iteration was launched in 2015 as Bright Webs Design. Founder Steph Sedgwick says, “I started designing websites in 2010 with my first company’s website, a business co-managed with my spouse. Over the years I kept creating and managing new sites, and I became fascinated with the balance between web developer and designer, and how to find the right mix of functionality and features for specific client needs.”

Very soon Steph began to realize that “fast and light” outperform “glamorous” every single time, and she focused on providing the lightest-weight, best-coded sites possible. She also started getting curious about the role of accessibility in web design. In 2019, Steph attended a webinar led by a blind web designer in London, and it blew apart any remaining “visual design” assumptions she carried. In 2021, Steph became known for her UX web design practices and web accessibility advocacy.

In 2023 with a growing team of women in tech, we proudly announced our relaunch as Clarity Web Design Studio. We intend to reset the industry standard for findable, functional websites for female founders. Come be part of the shift.

Loving Our Community

A small sample of the local nonprofit organizations that we support.

Christmas Angels Society

Supporting local families.

Featured Charity 2 image

West Hants Historical Society

History and genealogy.

Featured charity 1 preview

100 Who Care Giving Group

Better & Bigger Giving.

Featured Charity 3 preview

9-Lives Cat Rescue Society

Trap/Neuter/Release .

Embrace the possibilities.

Choose a well-designed, accessible, and effective website.

Simplified Summary

For more than 11 years, Clarity Web Design Studio, once known as Bright Webs Design, has been assisting many businesses in creating great websites. These websites attract more customers and help businesses grow. Clarity Web Design Studio cares about making sure everyone can use websites easily. Located in Windsor, Nova Scotia, this agency serves clients all across North America.

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