The delicate art of self-employment during a global pandemic

Six tips to help entrepreneurs from an experienced work-from-home mum. With the novel global coronavirus pandemic that began to unfold early this year, you don’t need me to tell you that pretty much everything we thought we knew has been turned on its head. Everyone is stressed, overwhelmed, and several are having trouble coping with the “new normal” – for however long that new normal lasts. For many, working from home on top of all the new stressors is the ultimate challenge.


It’s All About the Blend

Source: Utopia: The Work-Life Balance. In this economy, you might feel pressured to sacrifice a work-life balance just to keep your job. But after you hear the trade-offs, you might reconsider.


How to encourage creativity

Just as art is in the eye of the beholder, creativity can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Advice is often directed to corporate workspaces and a manager’s responsibility to enable and encourage creativity among her staff. As an entrepreneur, that kind of advice doesn’t apply to my situation. Instead, I’m going to include some of the tips that work for me here.

Traditional office or coworking?

The traditional work environment was changing even before the pandemic. Companies were moving away from “Cubicle Land” environments or private offices with long, echo-y halls and fluorescent lighting, and into more open office designs. Co-working also started to change the way we work. So now, a year into a global pandemic, where are we at for work environments?

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