Donais Studios

Donais Studios is a collaborative arts studio in the historic district of Newmarket, Ontario that is reimagining the way arts education looks and feels. They offer transformative arts education experiences for youth, adults, and families of all ages and levels of experience. They help students ignite and discover The Artist Within.

Website Rejuvenation

In the fall of 2021, Andrea Donais, Founder & Artistic Director of Donais Studios, reached out to Clarity Web Design Studio for assistance. The Studio had a number of new programs, and the existing website no longer represented the Studio’s vision. Andrea was also concerned that her website had gotten slow and that she might be losing both potential customers and disappointing her existing clients.

In our preliminary assessment, we found a number of issues that we agreed were high priority: speed, performance, and functionality. In addition, our SEO evaluation found that the search engine optimization of the site was spotty and unstructured.

The website was performing slowly in tests, taking over two seconds to load fully. But worse, it wasn’t fully responsive – the images and graphics in use didn’t scale properly on small screens. Although it was adequate on a laptop screen, on a tablet or mobile the information was almost illegible. Accessibility test results were also adequate, but a bigger problem was that the SEO of the site was spotty and unstructured.

Andrea says, “my website was slow, outdated, not user-friendly, not accessible, not mobile-friendly, and performing poorly in search engines (essentially not searchable). There was too much copy and the call to action wasn’t always clear. I had built the website myself 5 years ago using YouTube tutorials and I wasn’t sure where to begin with updating the website and bringing it up to today’s standards.”

Solution: Website Rejuvenation

Three weeks after signing up to work with Clarity Web Design Studio, Andrea’s website is fast, lightweight, and consistently results in load times of under 1 second. Basic onsite SEO review and improvements resulted in an almost-immediate boost in organic search results.

Andrea had been told by other companies that she would have to rebuild her entire website, it would be expensive, and it would take months. Instead, she signed up for Clarity Web Design Studio’s new “Website Rejuvenation” program. Three weeks later, she has a fast, accessible and mobile-friendly website – and it’s performing well in search engines.

The Results: Faster and more findable

Every project includes a three-month followup review. At that time we can assess and ensure the website continues to function as expected, and we can have a good look at how our improvements have affected the user experience as well as the visitor traffic for the website. For Donais Studios, there are many improvements including:

  • The average number of new visitors to the website in a 90-day period has gone up close to 430%
  • Organic search results in the same period comparison have gone up 210%
  • The revamped website consistently loads in well under 1 second.

From Andrea: “My favourite result is the ease with which you can navigate the website. It is clear, accessible, and mobile-friendly. The speed is MUCH faster and the website is performing well in search engines ensuring that my business is visible to potential new clients.”

Client Review

Stephanie is a professional and she will guide you through every step of the process with a calm ease. It’s incredible how quickly your website can transform and be ready to serve your clients… I LOVE the speed with which my website could be “fixed”. Most companies told me that I had to rebuild my entire website, it would be triple the cost, and take months. I was thrilled that Stephanie could improve and enhance both the functionality and design of my website in 21 days. I also loved the detailed step-by-step process, education on how to maintain my website, and Stephanie’s quick response to my questions and concerns.

Andrea Donais, Founder & Artistic Director, Donais Studios

In our 3-week program, we provide you with a clean, rejuvenated website and a kickstart to an SEO strategy designed to boost your organic traffic. Find out what would work best for you and your website by booking a 30-minute strategy call. We’ll review your website and give you at least 3 recommendations that will immediately improve your website’s usability. From there, you can book your spot in the next 3-week program so your website is ready to scale with you.

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