How Moementum, Inc. launched a clear, people-first website

Discover how Moe Carrick of Moementum, Inc. tackled slow website speeds and content overload with Clarity Web Design Studio, saving her team an average of 20 hours per month.


CLIENT: Moementum, Inc.

RELAUNCHED: June 30, 2023



Moe Carrick is the CEO of Moementum, Inc. She’s an internationally respected pioneer in the study and practice of workplace culture. Moe is an award-winning consultant and entrepreneur, three-time TEDx speaker, and three-time published author. Her research, curricula, and tools are the result of more than 1.5 million workplace data points gathered from thousands of leaders.

A people-first website for a workplace culture consultancy

Award-winning consultancy Moementum, Inc. has a 23-year track record of success. But over the years, the firm’s website had become complex. It was unclear how Moementum could help potential clients, and technical issues and content overload were challenges for the small team. After working with Clarity Web Design Studio on a new website and signing up for 24/7 maintenance support, Moementum now has a clear, functional website that potential clients can easily find and navigate to take action.

For the first time in 23 years, I feel like we have a partner to help us leverage the main place where we tell the story of what we do – our website. Clarity Web Design Studio is there for us, and I know that when I reach out, they’re going to help.”

Moe Carrick, CEO, Moementum, Inc.

Crafting phenomenal workplaces

Moementum, Inc. is on a mission to double the number of workplaces that are good for people – because when people thrive, organizations succeed. The small, boutique workplace culture consultancy based in Bend, Oregon has been in operation for 23 years with CEO Moe Carrick at the helm. 

With a team of three core staff, Moementum offers services in the areas of culture transformation, leadership capacity, and team cohesion. The firm’s award-winning frameworks and tools have been used by brands like Nike, Nintendo, and Amazon to leverage workplace culture, reduce employee churn, increase well-being, and drive business performance. 

The Challenge: A legacy website with technical issues and content overload

As Moementum evolved over the past two decades, the consultancy’s website also went through numerous iterations. However, the site had evolved to a point where it was difficult to maintain in-house.

“We were using WordPress, but my team doesn’t really know WordPress, so making updates was a slow process,” says Moe.

The website was also heavy on information intended to convey Moementum’s custom offerings – both written content and visuals like infographics.

“I thought at the time that the website was clear, but it wasn’t,” Moe says. “Clients had to swim upstream to book a call with us or even to understand what we do.”

To complicate matters, Moementum had changed the website’s domain name from to a few years ago. This URL didn’t support how the firm wanted to position itself in the market.

Technical challenges and dense content ultimately caused Moementum’s website to function more like a busy digital brochure than a sales funnel. 

“I wanted our website to become smaller and more focused with clear calls to action that would take people into our pipeline,” Moe says. “We’ve been lucky – in 23 years we’ve had enough referrals to grow. But when COVID hit, we needed to establish more of a strategic funnel.”

Implementation: An understanding and honest website partner

Moe connected with Steph Sedgwick, founder of Clarity Web Design Studio, in a coaching program for women entrepreneurs. She soon learned that Clarity offered web design services. Their first project together was to build a microsite for Moementum’s signature coaching program, the Leading People Program.

“I was really impressed with the way Steph got our business,” Moe says. “She’s direct and she gave us some hard feedback about how much we were trying to do – but I didn’t feel hammered as though we were doing it wrong.”

Clarity then advised Moementum to tackle its website domain name issue. When the consultancy retrieved its original URL, Moe was even more motivated to make the site as strategic as possible. She decided to hire Clarity for a Website Rejuvenation of, which included a fully redesigned and search-engine optimized website.

Solution: A unified, accessible website that puts users first

The slider here shows the Before/After of the website on a desktop monitor following our Rejuvenation relaunch in 2023. Moe’s website has since been updated for even better clarity and impact.

Moe's website before being redesigned Moe's website after being redesigned
Image slider of before and after screenshots of Moe's website on a desktop monitor.

As part of the redesign of, Clarity Web Design Studio made the separate microsites for Moementum’s Leading People Program and People Culture Pulse Check accessible through Moementum’s main site while maintaining distinct URLs. This way, each could act as a sales funnel.

“The team is swift with the way they’re able to iterate,” Moe says. “Once we approved the new designs, the project went fast.”

Clarity also designed a landing page where visitors to Moementum’s website can learn about and purchase Moe’s newest book, When Work is Good. The page features her other two books as well.

“Before, I had different book pages with two different URLs for my first two books. They were both done by different designers and on Squarespace, not WordPress. Clarity unified all of that,” Moe says.

Now, Moementum’s new website incorporates accessible design for all users – something the site didn’t focus on previously. Clarity made changes like simplifying graphics and increasing readability.

After having such a positive experience with the redesign, Moementum also signed up for a Website Care Plan, which includes 24/7 support. This has enabled the consultancy to get website updates done much more quickly.

“Once we had the site updated, we wanted Clarity to take over everything, because it was so much better than what we had before,” Moe says. “I’m excited about the maintenance support because I can email them whenever I need something changed – and with my high sense of urgency, that’s important. As a small business, things change quickly.”

Results: Greater clarity and substance, plus robust support

Testing the tool on Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix showed significant improvements immediately after the site was relaunched. The Speed Index, which measures how quickly your page is visually complete above-the-fold, went from a laggy 6 seconds to less than 1 second.


GTMetrix results showing summary of website performance before rejuvenation, with an overall D grade and speed index of 6.0 seconds.


GTMetrix results showing summary of website performance AFTER rejuvenation, with an overall A grade and speed index of 961 ms.

Post-implementation, the optimization efforts led to dramatic improvements across all pages of the site. Load times were reduced significantly, contributing to a smoother user experience and better engagement.

Traffic continues to grow!

Clarity Web Design Studio monitored the site’s performance and analytics metrics before and after the relaunch, and continues to track improvements in key areas such as organic search traffic and bounce rates.

In the 3 months after relaunched, direct sessions went from 212 to 2019 – an 852% increase.

That’s impressive on its own! What’s even better is that since Moe joined our Care Plan, the website has consistently shown significant month-over-month improvements in organic search results, averaging a remarkable 137% increase per month!

Line chart showing organic search traffic improvements from Nov 2023 to June 2024, with a steadily increasing trend.

Substance and style working together

Moementum now has a clear, functional website with a consistent look and feel. The best part? Potential clients can easily find and navigate the site. Moementum appreciates Clarity Web Design Studio’s focus on a website’s substance rather than solely its visual design.

“It’s been really helpful to have a partner who focuses on the meat of what the website is supposed to do for my business, not the fluff. We now have a simple, straightforward way to tell the story of what we do and how we do it in a way that can help people,” Moe says.

The Website Care Plan has also been a huge help. Prior to this, it was unclear who on the Moementum team was responsible for making updates to the site, so these tasks were often delayed. Now, the team is no longer responsible for updates or wrangling with technology. 

“We’re a tiny team running a big business and we need all hands on deck. So the fact that my team doesn’t have to constantly be making these tweaks to the website is great. And if there’s a problem, they know who to go to,” Moe says.

Moe considers Clarity Web Design Studio to be an extension of Moementum. Over the course of two decades, the firm has tried numerous options for website design and copywriting – both in-house and outsourced.

“I love partnering with a vendor who’s a partner. Clarity has our best interests at heart and is there for us in a consistent, ongoing way with the most important thing we have available for anybody to look at any time: our website,” she says.

Moe’s most recent updates for her website can be seen on her website here.

Looking forward: Building a legacy in the workplace culture space

Moementum plans to expand with a new consulting and coaching team soon, providing increased capacity and new offerings for clients. 

Moe and her team are also committed to refining their focus on the clients they serve and the impact they want to achieve. There is a huge need for transformative work in education and healthcare, and Moementum’s mission is to demystify and improve people and culture dynamics for leaders in these sectors. The firm’s website plays an important role in reaching and helping more organizations.

“Helping clients solve the problems they face is energizing for me,” Moe says. “This work can be world-changing.”

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