Kathy Whitewood, REALTOR®

Kathy Whitewood, REALTOR® serves the Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia. As a busy realtor Kathy knew she’d never have the time or energy to redo her website on her own. She needed a capable, reliable partner to work with her existing web host, revamp her existing site without losing any of its integration to her custom realtor tools, and to make sure that her website is unique and stands out from the sameness of many realtor websites.

Website Rejuvenation

In the fall of 2021, Kathy knew her website had become slow and didn’t reflect her current brand. She says, “It was exactly the same as I left it 3 years ago, felt and looked no different that any other real estate agent site. Boring, too busy and very slow.”

Because she often felt embarrassed about her website she often referred her clients to her office’s main website, rather than try to navigate her own.

In our preliminary assessment, we found a number of issues that we agreed were high priority: speed, performance, and functionality. Our SEO assessment also uncovered a number of petty but annoying typos that had a negative impact on the visibility and the level of professionalism of the site.

Kathy Whitewood website before rebuild Kathy Whitewood website after rebuild
Drag the slider to see the before and after comparison.

The website was performing extremely slowly in tests – so slowly, in fact, that often the testing tools would time out while trying to process the homepage. We weren’t able to get a “before” shot of the test results.

Overall, the homepage tested at over 14MB in size and it was taking over 7 seconds to load fully. Accessibility test results were also poor.

Solution: Website Rejuvenation

Kathy’s newly revamped website is now consistently performing fast, and her SEO is also vastly improved.

Kathy says she felt that by working with Clarity Web Design Studio, she would be working with someone who would listen without sales pressure to get her where she needed to be. After our 3-week program, she can’t choose a favourite result. She says, “There are too many things to list. The website now reflects me, and my business. It’s simple, fast and includes only the components that are necessary. Love the care and effort Steph put into the whole project. I couldn’t be happier.”

The Results: Faster and easier to use

Every project includes a three-month followup review. At that time we can assess and ensure the website continues to function as expected, and we can have a good look at how our improvements have affected the user experience as well as the visitor traffic for the website.

For Kathy Whitewood’s realtor website, there are many improvements including:

  • The number of new users went up 168% between November 1 and January 31
  • The overall flow of the website is considerably improved, making a better user experience
  • We consolidated a great deal of content that Kathy had written previously and incorporated it into useful tools for her clients
  • Even though we weren’t able to access the existing web hosting structure, with the front end improvements we made the revamped website consistently loads in 2 seconds.

Client Review

It is such a huge weight off my back and you will feel exactly the same way. Steph is so approachable and she not knows all there is to know about web design, she goes the distance to understand your business and where you need it to be. I can’t imagine how you could improve. I’ve never had such a great experience before, especially in an area I know so little about; I didn’t feel taken over, I felt taken care of.

Kathy Whitewood, REALTOR® 

In our Website Rejuvenation program, we provide you with a clean, rejuvenated website and a kickstart to an SEO strategy designed to boost your organic traffic. Find out what would work best for you and your website by booking a 30-minute strategy call. We’ll review your website and give you at least 3 recommendations that will immediately improve your website’s usability. From there, you can book your spot so your website is ready to scale with you.

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