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A well-designed, user-friendly website is the most effective marketing asset you have for your business.

Case Studies

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Kathy Whitewood, REALTOR®

Kathy Whitewood is a Nova Scotia REALTOR® who knew she needed to revamp her slow, outdated website to stand out from everyone else.


“It’s all about you changing your life. Whether finding your first home, looking for an investment or leaving your last home – I’m here to help take the stress away, make it fun, make it profitable.”

Donais Studios

Donais Studios is a collaborative arts studio in the historic district of Newmarket, Ontario that is reimagining the way arts education looks and feels.

Like most female entrepreneurs, Andrea Donais of Donais Studios has an enormous range of skills. But she was tired of relearning how to “do” her website whenever it needed to be updated, and she needed someone to help streamline, reorganize and speed it up.

Recent Projects

Web design must adapt to continuous change. Many of the websites shown here have evolved over time, reflecting both the evolution of the organizations involved as well as the evolution of the web itself. 

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