The Perimenopausal Mamas Podcast

The Perimenopausal Mamas Podcast is a weekly podcast by two Canadian naturopaths that helps perimenopausal moms raise healthy kids and navigate the bumpy road of unpredictable hormonal changes that can interfere with mood, energy, weight, sleep, focus and vitality.

One year had passed since we first created their website in 2020, and the design already felt a bit clunky. The original design was based on a Divi theme and had a lot of extra visual features which, although they seemed great a year before, had begun to feel distracting – after all, the key purpose for the website is to attract new podcast subscribers. It had also become laggy and needed some minor revisions to speed it up and make it easier for users to view.

Website Rejuvenation

All websites need to be responsive, which means that they adapt to fit the size of your screen regardless of what type of device you’re using. But responsiveness can’t be your only goal – it’s not enough just to make sure the website adapts to screen sizes. Accessibility and performance are just as critical.

Sometimes a website rejuvenation can involve relatively minor tweaks and upgrades, and sometimes it requires a full rebuild. In the case of this project, the final phase of rejuvenation included switching web hosts, a new custom theme and a full review of the plugins in use.

Phase One – Testing

It is extremely common for websites to slow down over time. But in March 2021, the performance for this website suddenly dropped significantly and the overall grade was a thoroughly dismal “E.”

These test results are a red flag to alert us that investigation was needed.

Phase Two – Optimizations

Preliminary evaluations identified some bottlenecks, and optimizations resulted in decent improvements. The website performance was much improved and now loading in 1.6 seconds.

Phase Three – Further optimizations

These improvements were pretty good, but we decided we wanted to go further and do a deeper review of the website. We weren’t happy with the limitations of the existing web host, and felt that we could only make deeper improvements by transferring the website to a different host. We recommend Siteground, a well-known hosting company with reliable and fast WordPress hosting, and a commitment to renewable energy.

We migrated the site to a different host, simplified the overall layout, installed a theme that is better-coded for accessibility purposes, beefed up the hosting back end to make sure it was as up to date as possible, removed some of the extraneous “pretty” visual effects, and added a testimonials section.

These results are much better! In the months since, we run these and similar tests regularly to be sure performance continues to be optimal.

Now it’s performing at top speeds, its visitor traffic has improved, and their podcast audience continues to grow.

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