Website Rejuvenation

There’s a reason you started your business in the first place. And we bet it wasn’t because you like building websites.

Tired of all the contradictory advice online?

Our clients are female founders and entrepreneurs who have persevered through several iterations of their websites, and never been entirely happy with the results. 

Join the shift to a better user experience.

Why You're Looking for Support

Your website is a critical part of your customer’s experience with your brand. You deserve, and need, a great website in order to show up online – period. More important, your customers deserve to have an awesome experience with you.

You’re ready to outsource the task of website rejuvenation to a professional you can trust, who understands the value and importance of good design and a super-clear customer journey, and who won’t leave you hanging.

Who You Are


  • know your time in business and with family is sacred and is probably already booked solid
  • find the internet’s technical jargon is frustrating or overwhelming
  • are sick of trying to figure out which conflicting YouTube videos are even close to being right
  • don’t have the time or the interest to wade through a bunch of sales-y nonsense
  • do not want the hassle and headache of learning how to DIY your website – especially if you’ve done it once (or more) before and you KNOW this is not the best use of your valuable time
  • are busy AF (we got you).

There are lots of ways you might have found your way here.

You've pivoted

Your website hasn’t evolved with your website, and no longer represents you or your message to the world.


The idea of fixing it yourself is overwhelming and feels like a giant headache

It's too slow

It’s slow and laggy, and you don’t have – or want to have – a sweet clue how to deal with it

Doesn't work

Your website doesn’t work on mobile devices, and you have no idea how to fix it (psst, TEST IT HERE >> )

You don't have time

Updating your website feels like a huge chore, plus you don’t entirely understand it – so you keep putting it off

Looks pretty, but...

Your website looks pretty but it doesn’t do what you need it to do – or worse, you have no idea how it’s doing

Too embarrassing

You’re not proud of the website you have, and you’re reluctant to share it

You've put it off

You kinda-sorta know that having a website is critical for your success but you’ve put it off

Your Website Deserves to be Awesome - Just Like You.

Let us rejuvenate your website and make it fast, functional, and accessible. When we relaunch your site, these are just a few of the results you – and your customers – will see and feel.

Your website reflects YOU

Your business is not the same as everyone else’s. Your website shouldn’t be either.

It's a relief

No more overwhelm! It’s a weight off your shoulders to know that it’s done, and done well.

Improved UX

Your website will load faster, and your user experience (UX) will improve.

It's accessible

When you design for accessibility for all users, it makes it easier for EVERYONE to use.

Free Your Time & Energy

Free up your to-do list – Focus on the other business activities that only YOU can do. 

Looks pretty, AND works!

Your website can look pretty AND do what you – and your customers – need it to do.

It's awesome

Your website can now be the focus of your online marketing strategy, the way it was intended.

Share with confidence

You can run ads, campaigns or other promotions to share your website.

What Clients Say

My favourite result is the ease with which you can navigate the website. It is clear, accessible and mobile-friendly. The speed is MUCH faster and the website is performing well in search engines ensuring that my business is visible to potential new clients.
Andrea Donais
Founder & Artistic Director, Donais Studios
My website was exactly the same as I left it 3 years ago, felt and looked no different than any other real estate agent site. Boring, too busy and very slow. If you're thinking about signing up, Do it! It is such a huge weight off my back and you will feel exactly the same way.
Kathy Whitewood
Kathy Whitewood REALTOR®

Apply Today

Starting at $5,497

Larger, more complex sites are subject to higher fees.

Questions? Check our FAQ here!


We specialize in WordPress and Shopify right now. Sadly there are far too many available platforms to be able to offer this program for each platform, but you’re welcome to ask!

Our program is designed to fit within 3 weeks but could take up to 6 weeks. We will be able to stick to this deadline only if you have your content in place and ready to go. Our services include professional copywriting to help you get past any content hurdles.

Weekly consults are excellent ways to make sure that we’re both keeping on track. There will be homework you need to do and homework we need to do. Weekly meetups ensure the project is progressing properly.

Sign up! We’ll take care of most of the headaches. We’ll need you to compile a list of your digital profiles so we can make sure everything is up to date. And any login credentials for services like web hosting, social media, business listings would be super helpful.

Our Rejuvenation Package includes 3 months of our premium Care & Maintenance service. During that time we will collect data on the use and function of your website so we can verify our work, and you’ll receive a monthly report showing a performance summary. You’ll experience the benefits of having an expert team in your back pocket! When your 3 months is up, you’ll have the option to continue on one of our paid subscription plans, or switch to DIY.

No problem! Let’s get started with fixing you up (you need to sign up). Once we’ve got your rejuvenation complete, you can choose one of our maintenance packages. We’ll keep it all running smoothly, and send you monthly performance and metrics that will help you track how your website is doing.

At our 3-month followup, we’ll meet with you and review your site. We want to be sure everything is still tickety-boo, and that you’re set on a solid path for continuing to have an awesome website that you and your users will enjoy. From there, it’s entirely up to you! You can sign up for one of our Care & Maintenance packages and just leave it to us, or opt to DIY. Either way we won’t leave you hanging – you’ll always have a resource to help you.

WE realize you have better ways to spend your energy and attention, and YOU realize that you can strike one more big to-do task of your list and rely on us to look after you.

We include three months of website maintenance following your relaunch. After our 3-month review, you can sign up for our one of our expert Care & Maintenance packages and we’ll keep helping you make sure your website is as awesome as possible.

This is a great question. While we encourage competition and variety, we have found through much trial and error that no web hosting company is exactly alike. We work exclusively with Siteground when we design new sites because we can guarantee the level of service – both in our own offerings as well as the quality of the web hosting itself. Our team of expert WordPress engineers can assist with nearly any hosting setup you may have. Ultimately, it’s your decision where to host your website files; if you prefer to keep your own hosting setup, we may need to evaluate and will advise you accordingly.

Get Started

Book a 30-minute strategy call. We’ll review your website and give you at least 3 recommendations that will immediately improve your website’s usability.  If we’re a good fit for each other, you can book your spot in our calendar so your website is ready to scale with you.

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